Maps & GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic information systems (GIS; the S is also used for "services" and "science") support much of the work undertaken at MRCOG and MRMPO. We use GIS across programs and planning activities for analysis, data management, cartography, data visualization, and telling the transportation planning stories of our region. See the gallery below for a selection of some of the work done by our GIS Team. You can visit our ArcGIS Online homepage to find more of our maps and data or contact the GIS Team directly.

Our work is often done in collaboration with or in support of our communities. Member governments and other agencies may request:

  • GIS data, which we can share in a variety of formats (geodatabase, shapefile, service layer, and more)
  • Publication quality static maps (such as PDF files for standalone use or PNG files for adding to other documents), including poster-size maps
  • Custom analysis, data, or maps
  1. Sagert Sheets

    GIS Manager