• Area: 5.83 square miles
  • Incorporated: 1953
  • Location: 35 miles east of Albuquerque on I-40
  • Population, 2015: 1,806


Moriarty, the largest community in Torrance County, has been growing steadily since the early 1970's, largely the result of spillover from the Albuquerque metro area. The community is also a popular stopping place for travelers and truckers on Interstate-40.

Moriarty City Hall


The municipal airport with a 24-hour fuel stop, a 7,700-foot runway, a new terminal, 80-hangars, and a new crosswind runway, make it a relief stop for the Albuquerque International Sunport. It's the nation's premier soaring site and home of the Southwest Soaring Museum.


  • Major private employers: Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, Sandia Tobacco (cigarette manufacturing), and Mueller Inc. and Magnum Steel (pre-fabricated metal buildings)


Michael Timothy Moriarty and his family moved to the area in 1887 to escape Iowa's cold winters, and began homesteading, among the few then living in the Estancia Valley. Moriarty became a successful rancher, and when the railroad arrived in 1903, so did more homesteaders. Michael Moriarty became the first postmaster and built the first store. During the drought of the early 1930s, farmers left the Estancia Valley. In 1937, Route 66 was rerouted, passing through Moriarty, and tourist traffic and irrigated farms revived the economy.



Moriarty Population Graph

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  • Four councilors, elected at large for four-year staggered terms
  • Mayor, elected every four years


  • Electric: Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative
  • Natural Gas: EMW Gas Association
  • Sewer: City of Moriarty
  • Solid Waste: City of Moriarty
  • Source: Ground water
  • Telephone: CenturyLink
  • Water: City of Moriarty


  • Air: Moriarty Municipal Airport (general aviation)
  • Highways: I-40 and New Mexico State Road 41


  • Kindergarten to 12th grade: Moriarty-Edgewood School District


  • Golf: Paako Ridge Golf Club, north of I-40 on NM 14, is considered one of the best courses in the nation by golf writers.
  • Museums: The Southwest Soaring Museum and the Moriarty Historical Museum offer information and exhibits.
  • Private parks: Wildlife West, near Edgewood, is an educational wildlife park on 122 acres.
  • Recreation: The Manzano Mountains, with six developed campgrounds, offer hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing opportunities. Hawkwatch International uses Capilla Peak to watch hawk and eagle migrations. To the north, the Sandia Mountains, which reach 10,678-foot at the highest point, offer skiing, hiking, biking and picnic spots.
  • Rodeo: The Heritage Rodeo Arena and Event Facility stays busy with events and activities year-round.
  • Soaring: Moriarty's favorable conditions make it one of the nation's premier soaring sites.