South Valley Multimodal Study


The Near South Valley Multimodal Study will guide the development of integrated transportation facilities that provide for all modes of travel including vehicular, transit, pedestrians, bicycles, and rail. This study will provide a planning document for the project area to guide development of multimodal facilities in the future.


The objective of the Near South Valley Multimodal Study is to identify roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit needs and improvements consistent with the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and other applicable planning documents.

This study will:

Near South Valley Multimodal Study
  • Develop a list of recommendations for future multimodal transportation needs which may include:
    • Bicycle facilities to close gaps in the network or to link destinations
    • Enhanced pedestrian/bicyclist crossing locations
    • Multimodal connections to the Valle de Oro NWR
    • New transit facilities (e.g., bus stops) or service
    • Sidewalk additions where there are gaps
    • Trails to complete the trail network
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential future improvement projects
  • Evaluate the existing network of streets, transit facilities, sidewalks, bike lanes, bike routes, and multi‐purpose trails
  • Identify deficiencies in the current multimodal system
  • Identify projected future transportation problems and needs