Next Steps

While the Central Avenue and UNM / CNM BRT projects have been prioritized by Rio Metro’s Board of Directors, the HCTS report details the Paseo del Norte BRT project’s next steps, which include:

  • Acquiring right-of-way (e.g. future park-and-ride locations)
  • Advancing environmental studies and design
  • Ensuring that roadway improvements within the corridor are compatible with future BRT service
  • Exploring capital and operations funding options
  • Supporting land use changes along the corridor that will benefit BRT performance and help correct the jobs-housing imbalance
  • Working cooperatively with local governments to address their needs and concerns

Final Report & Appendices

Visualizations of Project Improvements


Paseo del Norte at Rio Grande Bridge

Paseo del Norte at Rio Grande Bridge Rendering

Jefferson at Masthead

Jefferson at Masthead Rendering

Transit Boulevard - Volcano Heights

Transit Boulevard - Volcano Heights Rendering

Paseo del Norte at Eagle Ranch

Paseo del Norte at Eagle Ranch Rendering