Downtown Bernalillo Rail Runner Station Area

The plan extends the vibrancy of Camino del Pueblo through a lively shopping street to the Downtown Bernalillo Station. Those not using the train may choose to visit the area to stroll the shaded sidewalks, to browse the shop windows or to meet with neighbors. A safe and inviting station will greet rail passengers, who will immediately recognize Bernalillo's rich history and character.

This vision is not far from what Bernalillo is today. But, in order to achieve this, in the time of big box stores and sprawling residential development, some important improvements have been identified:

  • Additional parking to serve local businesses and other destinations near the station.
  • A lively shopping street connecting the station to Camino del Pueblo, providing public space for outdoor dining, performance areas, farmer's market, retail storefronts and places to simply relax.
  • New commercial and residential development that will be "neighborhood sized" and will look and feel like those found along Camino del Pueblo.
  • New housing that offers maximum choice in size, type and price that is designed to reflect Bernalillo's architectural styles and sustainable building practices -- all within a convenient walk to the station.
  • New roads and pathways to ease circulation and provide safe and convenient routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Revitalized acequias and historic trails to provide vital links to residential areas and community open spaces.
  • Safe, lighted and shaded sidewalks connecting the Rail Runner station to homes, local businesses and Camino del Pueblo.
Perspective Looking East from Camino del Pueblo to the Downtown Bernalillo Station