Freight Logistics Committee (FLC)

The Freight Logistics Committee makes recommendations to the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC). The TCC then makes recommendations to the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB)


  • Time: as scheduled
  • Dates: Annually and as necessary 
  • Location: Remote meetings being held currently, otherwise in the Boardroom at the MRCOG building.


The Freight Logistics Committee (FLC) serves as the regional forum for matters concerning the intermodal movement of goods and freight within and through the MRCOG region. 

Focus is on the review and development of recommendations on the policy, intermodal efficiency, highway restrictions (based on design and weight or height limits), and review and development of recommendations on land parcels which could be considered for Cargo Oriented Development (COD). Input and guidance are provided to the TCC, either as part of transportation program development for the TIP and MTP, or as requested by the TCC, Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB), Mid-Region Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Committee, or the Mid- Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) Board of Directors.  

Committee Members

The FLC is comprised of public agencies and private associations and companies which represent freight interests within the state of New Mexico and the MRCOG region.