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MRCOG’s Regional Planning Program is home to the Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO), serving Sandoval, Torrance, and southern Santa Fe Counties, and the Local Planning Assistance (LPA) program, serving the entire MRCOG region.

The LPA program provides professional planning assistance and technical services to MRCOG’s member governments. Upon request, MRCOG staff provides various technical services, acting as an extension of local government staff.


Regional Planning Workshop

Workshops and Training

MRCOG holds an annual Planning Commissioners Workshop each spring for commissioners, elected officials, and local government staff. The workshop focuses on current planning trends and issues in the Mid-Region and aims to provide attendees with training on issues that may be affecting their locality. Additionally, the workshop provides a forum for attendees from throughout the region to share their lessons learned and knowledge with each other.

MRCOG staff also provides individualized trainings and workshops for planning commissioners and elected officials upon request.

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Many municipalities throughout the region rely on MRCOG to keep their zoning and various other important maps up to date. MRCOG staff can create specialized maps upon request such as road ownership or voting district boundaries.

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Fiscal Agent Services

MRCOG can act as a fiscal agent for member municipalities and counties in the form of financial oversight, per Executive Order 2013-006.

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Special Projects

In many cases, local governments utilize LPA resources to reduce the cost of various planning projects. Municipalities, counties, and special districts in the Mid-Region can contract with MRCOG to do larger projects such as writing comprehensive plans, creating maps for comprehensive plans, revising ordinances, or doing special studies.

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Transportation Planning

LPA Program staff work closely with the Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO).

Water Resources Board

Regional Planning staff provides support to the Water Resources Board. Learn more about the Water Resources Board.

COVID-19 Economic Recovery

The Mid-Region Council of Governments has received a grant from the Economic Development Administration to provide technical assistance for economic development in response to COVID-19. 

Learn more about MRCOG’s economic recovery efforts.