RTPO Planning Documents

Mid-Region Regional Transportation Plan 

The development of a long-range transportation plan provides an opportunity for local elected officials and citizens to discuss and make decisions about the kind of transportation network that would be most effective for their area. The RTP covers a 25-year period, and its purpose is to bring together the citizens and officials from rural Sandoval, Torrance and southern Santa Fe counties to identify the transportation needs in the region between now and 2045.

Mid-Region RTPO Public Participation Plan

The MRRTPO Public Participation Plan (PPP) describes how the MRRTPO communicates and distributes information to the public as well as how the public can interact and provide comments to MRRTPO.

Annual Performance and Expenditure Report (APER)

Mid-Region RTPO Title VI Plan

More information about the Title VI Plan, including how to file a complaint.
Title VI Coordinator: Claudia Patricia Merlo 

Regional Work Program

The Regional Work Program outlines the scope of work for the MRRTPO for Federal Fiscal Years 2023-2024. 

The Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan (LRSTP) 

The New Mexico 2045 Plan outlines the 25-year transportation vision for New Mexico and provides NMDOT with information, guidance, and direction to support strategic decision-making.

Regional Transportation Improvement Projects Recommendations (RTIPR)

The RTIPR is a list of projects from the member entities that are put forth to the state to be considered for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Projects (STIP). For projects that haven’t received funding yet, inclusion on the STIP will increase the likelihood of funding.