Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Maps

MRMPO provides analysis and develops maps to assist with regional long range planning for bicycle and pedestrian modes. The maps include planned bicycle and pedestrian projects, a map that highlights where pedestrian improvements may be of most benefit, and a long range bicycle system map that shows both existing and desired regional bike facilities. MRMPO’s Active Transportation Committee assists with these products.

Pedestrian Composite Index

The Pedestrian Composite Index (PCI) is a tool to help prioritize roadways for pedestrian improvements. The PCI focuses on roadways with high generator scores to help show where pedestrian improvements could be most beneficial. It does not provide details, such as the presence and width of sidewalks, which are necessary to calculate pedestrian level of service. Nor does it provide information on future demand for walking.

Pedestrian Composite Index Interactive Map

Pedestrian Composite Index PDF

Long Range Bicycle System Map

The Long Range Bicycle System Map shows both existing bicycle facilities as well as long range (beyond 2040), desired facilities. The LRBS is an aspirational network and was guided by an “all ages, all abilities” approach to design helps ensure all users, no matter what their age or ability, are able to use those networks to get around their communities as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible.    

Long Range Bicycle System Interactive Map

Long Range Bicycle Map PDF