Why should I include local items on my menu?

There are a variety of reasons to include locally grown items on your menu:

  • Locally grown foods are the freshest, allowing you to cook with a higher quality product that has superior color, taste and texture compared to foods that were picked too early and shipped from far away. This translates into a better tasting and looking meal for your customers, and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Going local allows you to expand your business by entering into a new niche market, bringing in new customers. According to a survey of chefs by the National Restaurant Association, locally grown produce is the number one hot trend in restaurants for 2009. Also, with the rise in the local food movement customers are seeking out more than ever restaurants that serve locally grown goods.
  • If you are a school or other institution, serving fresh picked local foods can increase the nutritional profile of your menu and help to promote healthy eating habits.

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1. Why should I include local items on my menu?
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