Why should I eat locally grown foods?
  • Connection - Eating local connects you to the seasons, and it also connects you to the people who grow your food.
  • Fun - Make it a family tradition to go to the farmers market each week, visit a u-pick apple orchard, or plant your own vegetable garden. No matter how you approach eating locally, you are sure to have a good time.
  • Preservation - Do you value our agricultural green spaces and traditions? It may seem simple, but purchasing local food means more money goes directly to our farmers, ensuring the preservation of agricultural lands and traditions.
  • Safety - If you are concerned about food safety issues, buying local can help alleviate some of your fears, especially when you buy direct from the farmer. Most farmers enjoy telling you about their farm and farming methods, and some even offer tours.
  • Taste - Local foods taste better because they are picked at the peak of ripeness and sold to you generally within a day. In comparison, non-local foods travel 1,500 miles on average, which means they often ripened in a box rather than on the vine.

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1. Why should I eat locally grown foods?
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