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Posted on: June 23, 2021

The “Profiles in Congestion” Report Has Gone Digital

2018 corridor profiles for the cmp-network mapThe Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MRMPO) Profiles in Congestion report is in digital format! This report showcases a list that ranks 31 crucial corridors in the region by level of congestion. Ranking congestion in the region is used as part of the project selection process for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). With this data, the MRMPO can better prioritize transportation projects that will target congestion on the most congested corridors in the mid-to-long range planning horizon. 

The congested corridor rankings, which are updated every two years, can now be viewed as an interactive digitized data visualization. 

  • Hover over tables and see exactly how many vehicles traveled on a certain roadway segment during the peak hour and what speed traffic was, on average, moving. 
  • Hover over segments of roadway on the map and see the volume to capacity (V/C) ratio, as well as the speed differential for that specific location. 
  • Explore several interactive, network-wide maps that accompany the individual corridor profiles. These maps allow you to pan around throughout the 31-corridor congested network and explore what types of congestion are most severe on which segments. There is also a “swipe” feature on the congested network maps that allows the user to compare two layers using the swiper.

The data being displayed in the current visualization represents the conditions on our roadways in 2018. There are three different data sources that go into creating the rankings: crash, speed, and volume data. There is a bit of a lag before each dataset becomes available to us, particularly with the crash data. However, MRMPO is not involved in the day-to-day operations of our transportation network, and focuses instead on long-term infrastructure needs, so a slight lag in data does not hamper their ability to track congestion over the years and make long-range plans to address it.

MRMPO hopes this new, interactive approach to the “Profiles in Congestion” report will greatly enhance the user experience and allow for a more thorough inspection of congestion at certain locations.

View the interactive Profiles in Congestion Report

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