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The Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) provides ongoing public outreach opportunities and ways for the public to stay informed and involved in its planning efforts. Ways to get involved include signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media, attending our meetings, inviting us to present to your group, and reaching out to us with your questions and comments. 

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There are no public meetings scheduled at this time. 

View the calendar of MRMPO Board and Committee meetings. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB) and Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC), which are usually held monthly. Public comment is welcome at these meetings. 

Get more information including when and where meetings are held and how to give public comment at MTB meetings and at TCC meetings.

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Follow Us

  • Sign up for MRMPO’s electronic newsletter, Travel Times, which is distributed quarterly. 
  • Follow MRMPO on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @MidRegionMPO. 
  • Get your name on MRMPO‘s contact database by emailing your request to be added to Tara Cok at Important news and updates are periodically sent via email to our contacts on this list. 
  • Contact us directly at any time for questions about transportation planning in the region and regional transportation issues or to schedule a presentation about the MTP or other MPO product or service. 
  • Send any MTP comments or questions at any time to the following email address: