Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan (RTSAP)

2023 RTSAP Update

MRMPO is currently in the process of updating the Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan (RTSAP). The crash data analysis will be updated with the most recent data available (2017-2021). The safety countermeasures are being updated to reflect the most current national best practice. This RTSAP will create profiles for several of our member governments that identify the most dangerous locations in a jurisdiction and identify a safety project that can improve safety at a specific location. Listing safety projects in the RTSAP will put our member governments in a position to apply for grant funding for implementation projects in the future. The target completion date for the RTSAP update is May of 2024. 

MRCOG is currently soliciting public input on safety in the region. Please take our survey here!

July 2023 RTSAP Presentation

October 2023 RTSAP Presentation

Reducing Traffic Fatalities and Injuries

RTSAP statsThe first Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan (RTSAP) was adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB) on August 17, 2018 (view the resolution) and includes goals to reduce traffic fatalities and decrease serious injuries in the region over the following five years. Through data-driven analysis, input from the public and MRMPO member agencies, targeted field visits, and national best practice research, the RTSAP identifies key safety emphasis areas and action items from policy to enforcement to design to target safety improvements for all roadway users. The RTSAP was developed on the premise that we must balance a fast commute with safer roadways and prioritize safety for all modes over speed. Sometimes taking a minute longer to get to your destination can save a life. 

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