LRTS Guide Reference Material

Several publications and sources were used to develop the LRTS Guide that provide a great reference for local governments and other stakeholders that may not have these types of design guidelines implemented in their area. 

Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach

This ITE recommended practice provides the overall framework for relating land use and transportation. The LRTS Guide expands and adapts material in this publication to apply to roadways in Central NM. This publication focuses on individual roadway segments and the surrounding land use.

NACTO Design Guidelines

NACTO is an association of 84 major North American cities and transit agencies formed to exchange transportation ideas, insights, and practices and cooperatively approach national transportation issues. NACTO’s mission is to build cities as places for people, with safe, sustainable, accessible, and equitable transportation choices that support a strong economy and vibrant quality of life. Their guides provide information on both rural and urban land use contexts.

National Complete Streets Coalition

The National Complete Streets Coalition, which launched this movement in 2004, promotes the development and implementation of Complete Streets policies and professional practices. To date, over 1450 agencies at the local, regional, and state levels have adopted Complete Streets policies, totaling more than 1500 policies nationwide.

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