Proposed Sole Source Purchases

The Mid-Region Council of Governments intends to make a purchase for which it believes there is no competition. This will be a "Sole Source" purchase made in accordance with State of New Mexico 13-1-126 NMSA 1978. The purpose of this notice is to attempt to identify possible alternatives.

How to Comment / Respond

Any potential vendor who does not agree that this product or service is available only from the intended source must contact this office within 30 days from the date posted.

Your response must be in writing and a description of the product or service you are offering as an equivalent must be included.

Please send your response, via email by sending an email to Phillip Pino. Please reference the Document Number of the Sole Source / Emergency Procurement you have interest in.

Document NumberProcurement TypeDate PostedService TypeJustificationContractor NameQuantityAmountDetermination StatusDocument
2018-01-SSSole Source08/03/17Anonymized
2 Years$17,220.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2018-02 EMEmergency09/27/17ADA ComplianceMaintenanceGuzman Tractor1 Week$119,495.46NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2018-02 EMEmergency10/26/17Bridge Clean OutMaintenanceGuzman Tractor1 Week$100,747.56NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2018-02 EMEmergency05/24/18Road Crossing RepairMaintenanceHerzog Transit1 Day$20,690.93NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2018-04 SSSole Source06/05/18SoftwareSpecialized SoftwareRemix SoftwareIndefinite$22,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-01 EMEmergency07/31/18Re-establish track outageMaintenanceGuzman Tractor1 WeekNTE $200,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-02 SSSole Source10/17/18Specialized DataSpecialized DataUrbanSim3 Years$32,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-03 SSSole Source01/17/19Media Monitoring PackageUnique SoftwareMeltwater News1 Year$9,800.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-04 SSSole Source02/06/19Daikin Chiller Maintenance & RepairAuthorized TechniciansDaikin5 Years$5,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-04 SSSole Source04/05/19Professional ServiceUnique ServicesInnovate + Educate4 Years$180,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2019-04 SSSole Source04/12/19Sump Pump ServiceOn-Call ServicesTLC1 Week$15,000.00NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2020-01 EMEmergency07/19/19Phone ServicesDispatch NeededD & M Communications1 Day$153.72NO PROTESTDocument (PDF)
2020-02 SSSole Source08/20/19Anonymized Data CollectionSpecialized DataStrava Metro2 Years$27,788.00NO PROTESTLetter (PDF)
Form (PDF)
2020-03 SSSole Source10/09/19Traffic Data CollectorSpecialized DataAM Signal1 Time$23,875NO PROTESTLetter (PDF)
Form (PDF)
2020-04-SSSole Source01/22/19Lease of TowersCompany OwnedCrown CastleNot Limited$18,000/ yrNO PROTESTLetter (PDF)
Memo (PDF)
2020-05 SSSole Source05/20/20Entrance SignSpecialized SignFederal Health3-5 Months$15,000.00 - $20,000.00NO PROTESTLetter (PDF)
Document (PDF)
2021-01 SSSole Source09/01/11Data CollectionSpecialized DataConsolidated Traffic Controls1 Time$39,000NO PROTESTLetter (PDF)
Form (PDF)
2021-01 EMEmergency10/15/20Disinfect BuildingMaintenanceMaid Rigade1 Time$200NO PROTESTForm (PDF)
2021-02 SSSole Source11/12/20Specialized DataSpecialized DataINRIX1 Year$56,000.00NO PROTESTForm (PDF)
2021-03 SSSole Source02/11/21Daikin Chiller Maintenance & RepairAuthorized TechniciansDaikin5 Years$5,000.00NO PROTEST
Letter (PDF)
Form (PDF)
2023-01 SS
Sole Source


Specialized Software
Envision Sustainability Tool, Inc aka MetroQuest
2 years
Document (PDF)
2023-02 SS
Sole Source05/01/23
Specialized Data
Unique Services
1 Year
Document (PDF)
2023-03 SS
Sole Source05/09/23Housing Dashboard
Analytical and policy framework
Root Policy Research
1 Year$51,000.00NO PROTEST
Document (PDF)
2024-01 SS
Sole Source
Specialized Software and Data Products
Teralytics Inc.
3 Years