Science & Technology (Urban)

Employing nearly 14,000 people and with a location quotient of 10.25, the Science and Technology sector in this region is strong. The sector includes Sandia National Laboratories, the Air Force Research Lab, the University of New Mexico and other public and private research entities. Technology transfer efforts have led to new business ventures, business accelerator programs, license and patenting expertise, and the recruitment and expansion of technology companies.

Science & Tech

From providing high wage jobs to attracting fast-growing businesses in the technology sector, this region has an opportunity to leverage this high level of science research into expanded economic development. 

Strengths of the sector include biosciences (see below), micro-systems manufacturing, nano-technology, instruments and control systems, optics and photonics, sensing devices, and advanced materials. Two tangible outcomes of the technology research in the region include E-mobility (see below), and opportunities with aerospace.

Urban Science & Technology
Strategies for doing this? • Adequately funded centers for excellence
• Showcase technologies to encourage better understanding
• Create a searchable website for new technologies
• Harness the expertise of retirees from the labs
• Improve marketing of R&D assets; use these assets to recruit companies and talent
• Match talent/training resources to new economy
• P3 Legislation
• New STEM education programs/workers trained in STEM fields
• New technology associations
• Connect emerging tech companies with the state’s Catalyst Fund
• Connect companies to technology jobs and research and development tax credits, and other incentives
How would we know if we were successful?

What are the key metrics?
• Increased tech transfer/tech licensure
• Tech/science employment increase from 14,000
• Growth in private sector economy
• Increase in numbers and size of technology companies
• New contracts with national labs
Who are the catalysts?

Who should be accountable for this?
• Associations of science-based companies; private/public partnerships; federal government; research universities; Innovate ABQ
How do we build resilience in this focus area? • More connections to AFRL
• Prepare for Federal funding impacts to the labs, etc.
• New centers of excellence to address national issues (climate change, water resources)