Information Technology (Urban)

Enhancing software development jobs in New Mexico, particularly in the MRCOG region, is an excellent way to create new economic development opportunities, skill-up an entire new pipeline of digital workers, and address the digital divide in both urban and rural communities. Additionally, jobs in the information technology sector are high paying, and are often economic base when services are sold to companies out of state. 

Information Technology

The NM Technology Council, the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department, Ingenuity Software Labs, Realtime Solutions, New Mexico Tech, the Air Force Research Labs, UNM Taos, and many other public and private sector partners are working together to improve access to training in software development, and business development to improve the number of jobs in this high growth sector. 

Rural communities can benefit from jobs in the information technology sector as they can occur in remote areas and operate independent of an office with a team of co-workers.

Urban Information Technology
Strategies for doing this? • Support the DART initiative
• Robust broadband infrastructure/put broadband into space
• Tech Hire grant
• Rethink outdated laws
• Education, training, and pipeline development
• Talent development-CNM/UNM/NMT
• Hire futurists to determine what we’re going to do next
How would we know if we were successful?
What are the key metrics?
• Companies get more contracts out-of-state
• More economic base jobs
• More companies start
Who are the catalysts?
Who should be accountable for this?
• Private sector (lead)
• Public sector (support)
• Government must take stronger role in broadband
Who are the catalysts?

Who should be accountable for this?
• Continue workforce development initiatives
• Emphasis on projecting what technologies will be needed in the future
• Look at full continuum of jobs in IT in future and start training them now