South Valley

The Bernalillo County / International Sunport station is located in Albuquerque's South Valley. Research indicates that the station area has substantial development potential. Factors impacting the market for TOD in the South Valley - both positively and negatively - include:

  • Accessibility - Creating a network of pedestrian routes and/or roads to link development sites to the station will be difficult but important to leverage the benefits of transit.
  • Active Developer Interest - Developer interest in station area parcels has recently increased, and proposals include high-end residential homes, intensive mixed-use, and hotel, office, and flex-space uses.
  • Changing Development Context - The South Valley subarea now has a southern anchor, Mesa del Sol, which provides high quality housing and employment. Because of Mesa del Sol, this area will be no longer be perceived as the periphery of the community.
  • Employment - The South Valley is a regional employment center with approximately 21,400 jobs in the vicinity of the station area.
  • Environmental Concerns - Some of the sites have been contaminated by industrial uses, which up to now have been a major factor in discouraging development.
  • Industrial Land Uses - Environmental contamination and unsightly uses will diminish market demand. As land values rise, the potential for redevelopment increases though the trend for industrial uses continues.
  • Land Availability - There is a large supply of vacant land - much of it is under a single ownership - in the station area. Without demolition costs or aggregation challenges, development becomes more viable.
  • North Valley Example - Developers with a long-term local track record compare this setting to the North Valley/Journal Center and suggest that a similar evolution is possible.
  • Strong Visibility and Traffic Counts - The adjacent roadways of Rio Bravo and Broadway carry major traffic levels. The proximity to I-25 helps generate drive-by traffic. The visibility of the site from these roads increases market support for commercial uses.