Crash Data

Crash Density

View five years of crash data from 2008 to 2012. The maps below show crash density in Torrance, Sandoval and southern Santa Fe Counties. Identifying locations where crashes are concentrated can help justify the need for a safety project in that area.

Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County Crash Data

Sandoval County

Sandoval County Crash Data

Torrance County

Torrance County Crash Data

Crash Location Interactive Map

The interactive map below highlights individual crash locations (in red) along with school locations (shown in blue). Zoom in and click on a crash data point to see:

  • What time of day the crash occurred
  • Whether there was a pedestrian or bicyclist involved
  • The severity of the crash, and much more

This data set can help you identify the need for a project. For example, if the majority of crashes happened at night along a stretch of roadway, visibility may be an issue, and the addition of street lighting may make the area safer. You can also use these data to identify potential funding sources. If there are an abundance of crashes near a school, a project that would improve pedestrian safety in the area could list TAP as a potential funding source. If the data does not display immediately, please be patient while it loads.