Safety and Crashes

Vision ZeroVision Zero

MRMPO considers roadway safety a priority in our region. MRMPO endorses the Vision Zero approach to transportation planning and engineering that rebukes the idea that there is an inevitable amount of death and injury that can occur within our public roadways. Traffic collisions are not “accidents,” which implies an incident was unavoidable, but should be referred to as traffic crashes—preventable incidents. The philosophy of Vision Zero is that humans make mistakes, and roadways and traffic policy should be designed in such a way that inevitable mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities. 

View the City of Albuquerque’s Vision Zero page for information on what is being done in the City to advance safety for users of all transportation modes.

Regional Safety Concerns

Of particular concern for our region is that urban areas have a large amount of pedestrian fatalities, and rural areas have a significant amount of high-speed vehicular roll over crashes that result in fatalities. Fatalities involving motorcyclists are also high. New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque have been identified as a Focus State / Focus City by the Federal Highway Administration because of their high pedestrian fatalities.

MRCOG Roadway Safety and Crash Report (2015-2019) 

Safety Report Opens in new windowThe MRCOG Roadway Safety and Crash Report visualizes five years of NMDOT crash data (2015-2019) for the MRCOG region. This crash report uses online interactive charts and maps to provide the user with a better way to visualize the data and display certain crash factors that are of interest to them. This is an enhancement from previous reports because it allows for more customizable information. For example, if the user would like to look at a map of fatal crashes where speeding was the top contributing factor, that selection can be made in the “What are the Top Contributing Factors” tab. Each tab presented in this report focuses on different elements of the crash data such as where dangerous crashes happen, when crashes tend to happen, what contributing factors lead to crashes, and who is most at risk in traffic crashes.  

The MRCOG Roadway Safety and Crash Report (2015-2019) does not prescribe safety countermeasures; those can still be found in the Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan (RTSAP). However, this report does update safety maps that have been published by MRCOG in the recent years, such as the High Fatality and Injury Network (HFIN). This crash report also introduces a new analysis of how crashes impact vulnerable communities. The intent of the new crash report is to help the public and local agencies and other stakeholders better understand safety issues in our region. 

Crash Data Analyses

MRMPO analyzes crash data to determine which areas need improvement and produces safety reports for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA). These crash analyses are developed for the region and for specific corridors and include intersection crash rates generated using MRMPO traffic volume data as well as crash density analyses. Of note are the High Fatal and Injury Network (HFIN) and the interactive Crash Data Dashboard.