Socio-Economic Data

MRCOG collects a variety of datasets that pertain to population, housing, jobs, and land use. Some of the specific datasets include employment by industry, census data, commuting patterns, land use inventories, and building permits for new construction.

Socioeconomic Forecast

As part of the development of the long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan, MRMPO staff produce a socioeconomic estimate for a base year (2016) and a socioeconomic forecast for a horizon year (2040). These datasets include population, housing, and employment by sector for various geographic areas including the region, counties, and small areas called Data Analysis Subzones (DASZ).

There are several ways to obtain this information:

Socioeconomic Forecast for the Mid Region of New Mexico screen capture2
bern co 2010 dasz map
  • Download the DASZ forecast in an excel file or a geographic shapefile