CMP Corridor Rankings and Strategies

A key component of any Congestion Management Process is monitoring system performance through data collection and analysis. MRMPO uses three types of data to measure congestion along major corridors in the region: observed peak hour travel speed, observed peak hour volume, and intersection crash rates. MRMPO staff combine these different data inputs to ascertain which corridors are the most congested in the region. Understanding what is primarily causing congestion along a corridor helps us decide which strategies are best suited to each corridor.

Latest Profiles in Congestion

corridor-rankings-pageEvery two years MRMPO staff updates the Congested Corridor Rankings, a list that ranks 31 crucial corridors in region by level of congestion measures. A document is typically created to illustrate congestion in the region by giving a detailed snapshot of congestion on each of the 31 corridors. This document is now available online. Digitizing this document allows users to quickly interact with the data and inspect travel conditions on a link by link basis. The most current data visualization is available here:

A Profile in Congestion – The 31 Most Congested Corridors in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area – 2018 (Interactive Map)

*To see previous iterations of the Profiles in Congestion, please see the CMP Library title.

Congestion Management Strategies

MRMPO has researched congestion mitigation strategies from documents produced by our peer agencies. In this Congestion Management Process Toolkit, MRMPO summarizes approaches our member agencies could take to address roadway congestion in the region: 

The CMP Strategies Matrix pulls strategies from the CMP Toolkit and suggests where in our congested network they could be most effectively applied. Each corridor has a list of congestion mitigation strategies that are indicated as being high priority or low priority. This strategies matrix is then used in our project selection process. If an agency wishes to implement a congestion mitigation strategy that we have identified as having high impact potential on a congested corridor, they are more likely to get federal funding to implement the project.