FFY 2020-2025 TIP Development

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MRMPO Call for Projects for FFY 2020-2025 TIP Development

The Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) has begun the development of the FFY 2020-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA).  Any surface transportation project within the AMPA, (NMDOT District 3) which receives Federal surface transportation funding must be included in the TIP. 

Also, any transportation project of regional significance (such as projects on arterial roadways, fixed-guideway transit, etc.) with state or local funds must also be included in the TIP, and TTP-Tribal Transportation Program funds-TTP funds must be listed in the TIP & STIP per federal regulations. 

Tribal Governments, National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service and US Forest Service: Projects utilizing Federal Lands Transportation Program funds such as the Tribal Transportation Program, Federal Lands Access Program, Forest Highways, Wildlife Refuge Roads, and National Park Roads are funded through the appropriate federal agency but must still be included in the TIP.  MRMPO does not have authority to select projects for funding but is required to add these projects to the TIP as approved by the appropriate tribal government and/or federal agency.

All Agencies Submitting New Project Proposals

At this time, please review your agency’s projects planned for implementation in the 2020-2025 time periods.  If your agency is proposing to utilize any Federal funds, you will need to propose the project for nomination to receive Federal funding.  Nominating a project does not guarantee the project will receive Federal funding (except TTP which is under tribal government and federal control); it proposes the project to be considered for Federal funding.  Projects will be recommended for programming to receive funds based on review by committees of the metropolitan planning organization.  Each agency will be able to discuss and advocate for its project(s).

If you are not sure of a project's eligibility, nominate the project and submit it for consideration; MRMPO staff will review all projects for eligibility.  You are also more than welcome to schedule a time to meet with staff as needed to discuss project proposals and questions regarding the TIP development process.

All Agencies with Projects Programmed in the Current FFY 2018-2023 TIP  

At this time, please review your programmed projects in the TIP (See current TIP) and determine if all project development phases have been accounted for (i.e. design, utilities, ROW).  Also, please review projects to determine if your agency has accounted for enough spacing between project development phases.  Now is an ideal time for your agency to reconsider if a particular project development phase needs to be delayed (2024-2025).  Please note, MRMPO will NOT allow for design, ROW, Utilities, and Construction development phases to all be programmed within the same FFY.

2018 TIP Policies and Procedures Update

The 2018 MRMPO TIP Policies and Procedures document has been slightly modified to conform to FAST Act national performance goals and measures, revised Code of Federal Regulations.  Other minor revisions include the incorporation of NMDOT STIP Procedures Manual guidance. Further information is available in the 2018 TIP Policies and Procedures which establishes the process and schedule for the development and management of the TIP.

2018 Project Prioritization Process (PPP) Guidebook Update

The 2018 Project Prioritization Process (PPP) Guidebook has been revised to reflect the FAST Act National Performance Goals and Measures, minor changes to scoring processes and questions, and to include elements of the recently adopted MRMPO Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan into the scoring process. 

Funds available through the TIP are limited and the process for receiving those funds is competitive. The Project Prioritization Process clarifies the selection process by providing objective scores for each proposed project and highlighting the projects that best meet regional goals identified in the MTP. It should be made clear that the PPP is an important tool in project selection, but is not the only determining factor. Other qualitative considerations, such as the benefit of the project to the local community and the project's cost and time frame for completion, are also important factors. Ultimately, the PPP helps guide the development of the TIP and lead to allocation of federal dollars in the most productive and meaningful method possible.

Deadline for FFY 2020-2025 TIP Project Proposals

The deadline to nominate projects and return completed forms to this office is 5:00 pm, Friday November 30, 2018. Late submittals will not be considered and will be rejected.

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TIP Project Proposal and Revision Forms (Forms A, B and C)

MRMPO has also revised all necessary TIP Project Proposal and Revision Forms (Form A, Form B and Form C) for agencies to complete and submit to MRMPO before the submittal deadline. 

  • Form A (basic project Info) and Form C (PPP Addendum for TIP project proposals) will be submitted via an online form.
  • Form B will continue to be structured in Microsoft Excel format.

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