Will there be adequate water to meet future needs? Many who live in the MRCOG region are concerned about the sustainability of water resources, particularly when considering issues such as population growth, declining water levels, degraded water quality, and the possibility of long-term drought. There is an increasing gap between water supply and demand in our region.

Preservation and protection of water resources requires a concerted effort in conservation and efficient use of water by all communities. MRCOG is committed to local and regional water planning to ensure strategic management of water resources in the Middle Rio Grande and Estancia Basins.

Irrigation in the Estancia Basin

Water Planning Regions

There are two state-designated Water Planning Regions within the MRCOG planning jurisdiction: the Middle Rio Grande and the Estancia Basin. Both water planning regions have completed plans which are being implemented as resources become available. The MRCOG Board of Directors has created the Water Resources Board as an advisory body on planning and management of regional water resources. The Water Resources Board meets quarterly and transmits reports and recommendations regarding water policies, planning, and management to the MRCOG Board of Directors.

Mid-Rio Grande Levee Task Force

In response to N.M. Senate Memorial 18, passed by a unanimous vote of the New Mexico State Senate on March 3rd during the 2009 Regular Session of the State Legislature, a Mid-Rio Grande Levee Task Force (LTF) was established with representation from all the governmental jurisdictions and agencies within the middle Rio Grande valley from Cochiti Dam to Bosque del Apache in Socorro County.

The role of the LTF was to evaluate the current state of the Rio Grande levees and to determine significant issues of compliance under recently established levee regulations and to formulate recommendations for needed improvements or reconstruction of the Rio Grande levees. The LTF was also requested to look into the flood risks associated with the levees and the possible environmental and economic impacts of the overall levee system. Although no longer required to meet, this group continues its collaborative meetings to this date.

View the 2014 Levee Task Force Report (PDF).

Water Planning Reports and Resources

Acequia (Irrigation Ditch) in Los Lunas