Congestion Management Process (CMP)

The Congestion Management Process (CMP) brings together transportation engineers and planners from the different agencies in the region to discuss congestion issues facing the region and how to address them. The CMP tracks congestion data in the region and puts out an update on conditions for MRCOG’s agencies and the public every two years. We discuss varied topics relating to transportation in the region, for example the efficacy of implementing road diets to improve safety and what traffic impacts may be experienced as a result has been a topic of conversation at CMP meetings.

  1. Willy Simon

    Transportation Planner

  1. Project Prioritization Process
  2. TAQA
  3. Volume-to-Capacity Data
  4. Corridor Rankings & Profiles
  5. Other Studies and Reports
  6. Roadway Access Policies

Project Prioritization Process

The Project Prioritization Process is an evaluation tool that is applied to transportation projects proposed for inclusion in the TIP. The Project Prioritization Process contains a series of quantitative evaluation criteria which are designed to measure the extent to which an individual project addresses the transportation needs of the region. This technical assessment provides baseline information upon which sound transportation planning decisions can be made. The Guidebook provides a detailed summary of the process and an explanation of the evaluation criteria and project scoring methodology.

View the Project Prioritization Process Guidebook (PDF).