Socio-Economic Data

MRCOG collects a variety of data that pertain to population, housing, jobs, and land use. Some of the specific datasets we collect include labor market statistics, Census data, commuting data, land use inventories, and building permits.

The primary products developed with the data are:

Key Resources

Key resources used in the development of MRCOG datasets include the Bureau of Business and Economic Research,the U.S. Census Bureau, and the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.

Data Use

The bulk of socioeconomic data collected and produced at MRCOG are primarily used to support MRCOG's travel model and anticipate future transportation needs. MRCOG datasets are also used to assist local land use planning and policy, economic development projects, and environmental analysis. Customized socioeconomic profiles, estimates and forecasts may be developed by MRCOG staff for member governments and partnering agencies upon request.